What is a Creative?



[ krē-ā′tĭv ] adjective

the ability, quality or power to create, resulting from originality of thought and expression


While “creative” is generally used as an adjective, the way we think of it today as a noun was actually first used in the 30s. We now consider those who have the “ability, quality, or power to create” to be “creatives.” 

Traditionally, the term “creative” meant “artist”; a bracket for writers, painters, musicians and other classical crafts. Creatives were those who invoked emotional responses via their work within the traditional art fields.

However, more recently, forms of creative professionals have expanded to include makers, scientists, medical professionals, and many more. 


Because they too aim to invoke an emotional response from others, by aiding people in everyday life. In this increasingly tech-focused world, we now have entirely new creatives; the web and app developers, the coders and even the virtual assistants. It is an ever-evolving term. 

Our philosophy here at Allegiant Financial Planning, is that we are all creatives inherently, but it’s what we do with our ideas that makes us “artists.” If you’re a creative who’d like help with your finances or would like to put a financial plan together in order to allow your concepts to come to life, schedule your call today.