Craft Show Insurance versus Business Liability Coverage


Craft Show Insurance versus Business Liability Coverage

Craft Show Insurance provides coverage when creatives attend fairs, shows and other events with their handmade products or service-based business. These types of policies can help provide coverage in the case of an unfortunate occurrence at the event itself such as a tent blowing over or a shelf falling on someone.

Some shows offer insurance as an add-on fee for their particular event, which could be useful if you spontaneously want to attend a show and haven’t planned in advance. Alternatively, insurance providers will usually give two options: the single show basis or on an annual basis. Remember though, these are not all inclusive and may not cover what you offer.

Single show insurance is cheaper and covers you for a limited period, usually between around 1-5 days, which is perfect for the one-off craft fair attendee or newer creatives who are starting to try selling at marketplaces.

Annual business policies cover qualifying shows within the year time frame and can be more beneficial for seasoned craft show vendors or those doing many shows annually. It is more expensive but can equal just a couple individual shows quickly.


The main differences in individual show coverage and a comprehensive annual policy is the range of liability coverage. Craft insurance isn’t usually location-specific, which means it can cover your trade shows all over the country but always make sure.

Single Show Coverage
Typically meets the general commercial liability coverage a festival may require. This isn’t going to cover all of your hard work on items you’ve created if a storm blows through. This will cover your liability for property damage or bodily injury covered by some incident. This also doesn’t cover any of your products injuring someone - that’s a whole other policy.

Annual Coverage
This can go by many names. This policy typically does cover your actual items, your liability, as well as things you take to the show such as that expensive tent.

Business Coverage
General business coverage would be for your studio, your equipment, materials, etc. and may include the above if a robust policy. It covers both liability and damages.

Ah, “exclusions.” This is a very important part of buying insurance. For example, there are many “one-stop” insurance companies that provide show insurance, but they don’t cover items such as food or soaps being sold! You must shop for policies that fit your specific business.

Who needs Craft Insurance?

Anyone who sets up at shows or fairs should consider craft booth insurance no matter how small you are. Many large festivals and even the smaller school fundraiser functions are requiring vendors to have liability insurance these days. This could include: painters, clothing designers, jewelry makers, or even service based businesses. The range of events that qualify includes: farmers' markets, trade shows, art festivals, and your local neighborhood festivals. Note that some shows may specifically require proof of your craft show insurance, and might charge you an extra blanket fee to cover the cost of the event insurance if you don’t already have a policy in place. Coverage doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, especially if you only attend a few craft shows per year, but for a small price you can cover yourself in the event something goes awry.

To arrange your own craft show insurance, contact me and we can determine what is right for your business and find an insurer that fits your needs. Schedule your call today!